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Customer Testimonials

These are actual Unsolicited Customer Responses.

Bill --

I wanted to tell you that the Tecra 510CDT is
a wonder. It is now converted to a Unix box,
and it works perfectly. Thanks for a great

Doug Troeger
City College

To Mr. Krouse

I've received laptop this morning.
In Japan this laptop is difficult to get
in such a excellent condition.
I really like this.
Thank you very much.

Tomoo Amano

Mr Krouse:
Our family was planning summer vacation and thought that a laptop would be in order despite none of us having had any experience with one. I wanted something rugged and functional that wouldn't be a major loss if stolen out of a hotel room or parking garage and focused on used IBM ThinkPads. The choice to purchase from in New Jersey was based on some casual web surfing done over an extended period of time during which I noticed they had been around for a while, had a decent selection at reasonable prices and appeared to have a very positive image. I called Bill Krouse Thursday [July 31, 2003], found that the exact model I was leaning towards was out of stock and was offered a substantially nicer version, a 600E 2645-4Bu, for a trival amount more, which I immediately agreed to.

The machine was in my hands by the following Monday, and was immaculate on the outside with only minor evidence of wear near the keyboard. The OS had been freshly installed, matched IBM's documentation, and was fully functional. This was about as pleasant a purchasing experience as anyone could ask for; I was particularly pleased when I downloaded documentation from IBM and found the HD layout matched the manuals. I've had the machine for 6 weeks now and, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't do anything differently.
Thank you.

Paul Karagianis

Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know I got the laptop and everything works and
looks great. I just wanted to thank you for the extra little spiff of the
case and the 3 day shipping. It's going to work out great for my wife's
Christmas present. THANKS AGAIN for shipping it out so fast and the great
service. I would recommend your company to anyone. (As a matter of fact I
did and you should be hearing from him after the first of the year).
Thanks again

Gary Shriver

Dear Mr. Krouse,
I received the IBM 380 XD yesterday, Monday Feb 7.
I was pleased to find that the condition was exactly as you described it - immaculate.
It performs all functions properly and well.
Thank you for your assistance.

Hardress J. Waller
10635 Maumee-Western Rd
Swanton, OH 43558-9681

Comments: This is a great deal. I have been bidding on similar computers
to these at various auction sites and have bid higher than these prices.
Fortunately I have been outbid.
I will be buying a laptop from you as soon as I find out the specs that I will require.
Thank you.

Mary Rose Docherty

Dear Bill,

Yesterday, up on my EMACS calendar, popped the fact that my father's 75th
birthday was approaching in about one week. Yikes! I'd better get him
something special, and I'd better do it FAST. I decided to get him a good
laptop computer, so I took a look at Ebay, and even if I won a bid that closed
immediately, I'd still have to arrange for payment and shipping and who knows
what shape the computer would be in. A quick check of GOOGLE for "used laptop
computers for sale" turned up, the home of Bill
Krouse. It was almost midnight in Voorhees, NJ, when I shot off an email
explaining my situation and I was SHOCKED when I received a reply within 10
minutes. The laptop I had picked out wasn't available, but a better one was
for the same amount of money. We worked out the payment details, and Bill was
even kind enough to throw in a carrying case and a birthday card as part of
the deal. Now that's what I call trying to please your customers.
Best wishes,

Nadine & Henry Laxen
San Anselmo, CA

Got the Dell Latitude 233XT a few months ago and it is great.
No problems with it at all and the windows 98 is the best system I have used .
I recommend your laptops to anyone who can't or can afford a new one at a lot higher price.
Your used products, service, and timely delivery are excellent.

Michael Storey.

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